Data Governance Australia releases draft Code for responsible data use

Data Governance Australia (DGA) | June 22, 2017

To give consumers confidence, Data Governance Australia (DGA) has released a Draft Code of Practice to set industry standards and benchmarks for the responsible collection, use, management and disclosure of data.

Open for public consultation until July 21, the draft states member organisations must ensure all their interactions with data follow the Code principles of: no-harm; honesty and transparency; fairness; choice; accuracy and access; safety, security, and de-identification; stewardship; accountability; and enforcement.

Code Organisations must design and organise their security (including encryption) in accordance with recognised industry standards as appropriate to the nature of the data it holds and the harm that may result from a security breach.

The association was launched last October with the aim of establishing best practice industry standards and benchmarks around data, and providing education, thought leadership, and advocacy services to help members better understand how data can be used responsibly.

Professor Graeme Samuel, chair of the DGA board, said, “Advances in data technology and capabilities have transformed the way that Australian businesses use, store and manage data over the last decade. Used effectively and managed responsibly, data can drive innovation, revenue growth and customer experience.

Among the key reforms recommended is a new Data Sharing and Release Act, and a National Data Custodian to guide and monitor new access and use arrangements.

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