Putting customer experience at the heart of next-generation operating models

Shital Chheda, Ewan Duncan, and Stefan Roggenhofer | McKinsey | March 2017

The article has some interesting examples and highlights the value of improving customer experience. Although most of it is common sense (and a fair bit of jargon), a good checklist below.

  • Start with a clear understanding of what customer’s value and use it to decide where to focus (and what to deemphasize).
  • Guided by these priorities, simplify and streamline your underlying product and services; if you don’t, you’re likely to digitize existing complexity.
  • Link customer value to the operational drivers that underpin it, then design a new operating model based on these linkages, working back from the customer and using digital tools to streamline or automate your processes in line with what customers care about.
  • Tackle the most important customer journeys one by one and support the effort with operational changes to improve efficiency and speed.
  • Embed agile, cross-functional ways of working and reengineer your management system to support continuous improvement.

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