Customer Experience Tools and Trends 2018

Gerard du Toit, Andreas Dullweber, Richard Hatherall and Martha Moreau | Bain & Co | August 1, 2018

Good article looking at the top tools are in customer experience measurement and what new tools are. The top 3 in adoption were predictive analytics, sensors in products and operations, and personalized experience.

Interesting to read about DiDi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-sharing firm. Matching the data it collects on every aspect of millions of rides with end-of-ride ratings from customers allows the company to create predictive models: What sorts of experiences typically produce promoters among its customers? Which ones produce detractors? DiDi doesn’t need to ask all its riders for Net Promoter® feedback; instead, its computer models generate a rating score for almost every ride. Those predictive scores match up very reliably—more than 80% and improving—with what customers say in traditional Net Promoter feedback.

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