Mary Meeker’s annual State of the Internet address

Andrew Birmingham | Which-50 | June 1, 2017

A must read for anyone working in or thinking about the digital space.

I thought I’d put up a link to Andrew from Which-50’s ten favourite slides from her address to save time, but I do encourage you to read the full report

Some of the highlights:

  • Nearly half the human race is on the internet.
  • Major move to mobile advertising (no surprise there).
  • Facebook’s ad revenue in the US is up 62 per cent in a year. Google’s, which is off a much larger base is still up 20 per cent.
  • US retail store closings will break a twenty-year record this year, and will be significantly worse than even at the height of the GFC. But Mary makes a very important point about retail: “I don’t think retail is dead — mediocre retail experiences are dead”.

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