Five ways to make the most of B2B user data

Jeff Herrera| Digitalist Magazine by SAP | March 22, 2017

How can your business transform all that digital activity into actionable insight? Here are 5 strategies for maximally leveraging consumer data from your website.

  1. Centralise data.Start by integrating all of a customer’s product preferences and purchase history so that it is readily available in one place. With this fuller picture, transactions will be smoother since you know what each client wants, needs, and has.
  2. Buyer profiles. Creating individual customer profiles is a powerful way of understanding how to market to them.
  3. Turn preferences into personalization. Once you’ve created a customer profile, you can use that picture to make personalized product recommendations based on their purchasing history, and also what customers like them are buying.
  4. Harness omnichannelEmpower your sales force with relevant data. Your customer profile should be compiled from and available to all your channels–sales force, call centres, and website.
  5. Real-time reports. Empower management with up-to-the-minute reporting that reveals how customers are interacting with your business.

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