The Digital Future of Retail

Chong Mock Seng | Digitalist Magazine by SAP | March 15, 2017

Some interesting examples of new business models and how retailers are engaging better with customers.

Zara – with its new online store for Singapore. Indonesia’s PT Matahari Department Store also dove into e-commerce with the launch of, which allows customers to shop online and pick up their purchases at its nearest delivery hub.

Electronic goods, IT, and furniture retailer Courts, which breathed new life into its physical stores with the introduction of in-store self-help digital kiosks, Click & Collect counters, QR codes, mobile apps, and free WiFi – creating a more connected and personalized experience for customers.

SingPost – traditionally a postal service provider – now offers financial services, marketing solutions, and logistics services. Its e-commerce/brick-and-mortar mall, due to open in mid-2017, will allow shoppers to arrange for delivery to their homes after browsing in-store, saving tenant retailers the cost of having an in-store inventory space.

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