Why the ‘Big Four’ are not right for Digital Transformation

Sarah Forsterling | B&T | September 19, 2016

Digital has to have a seat in the boardroom.

To be successful, business leaders need to understand how people and technology collide. As true transformation sits at the intersection between digital strategy and culture. You need a digital first culture that is agile, responsive and encourages experimentation. The “big four” are not specialists in creating a culture that sees failing regularly as a key to success, they specialise in delivering reports, strategies and solutions to pre-determined problems. Before you invest thousands in getting on the journey, consider whether the chosen partner understands how to connect with your customer in the digital first world, and also how to nurture the culture to get there. This is one instance where bigger is not necessarily better. Australian businesses need a partner that will go with them on the journey, not a consultant who delivers a piece of work and walks out the door.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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